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The Victorian Simulated Patient Network (VSPN)

Welcome to the Victorian Simulated Patient Network (VSPN) website. The VSPN aims to provide individuals interested in simulated patient (SP) work with a network to share with and from each other.

SPs are individuals trained to portray real patients. SPs contribute to health professional education in many ways. There is a spectrum of SP practices that are expanding.

The VSPN aims to connect SPs, educators, students, clinicians and others through this website.

In March 2015, our 480 members come from every continent.

Over the next few months you will notice differences to the website with new tabs, news items and new resources.  We will also have a discussion board for members to share their experiences and seek advice from other members. This discussion board will be located with the modules.

This is an exciting time for the VSPN and we hope you will stay connected to support and contribute to the new platform.

For the latest news in SP methodology, please click here.